My name is Barney Matthews and I am a blogger, career coach and propagator of happiness. I am also a ski instructor, cookie lover, and IT geek. I have been known to write ebooks and give motivational talks from time to time as well. Originally from England I am now a resident of Vermont USA. My favorite cookie is chocolate chip. If you'd like to show your appreciation for something I've written you can buy me a cookie.You can email me at barney (at) barney.me.

Goalbits - a blog about health, happiness and habits. I write about habits and science based ways to be happier and healthier. I also offer habits coaching.

Good Walk - "be happy, go for a Good Walk." Good Walk is a simple idea based on multiple scientific studies to help cultivate happiness. Go for a good walk with good people and discuss good things.

Barney Matthews - Career Coach. I blog about how to find a new career and get a new job. I also offer career coaching and resume writing servic

SK1 - Barney Matthews - Ski Instructor