My name is Barney Matthews and I am a blogger, the author of several books, including Goalbits, a habits coach and motivational public speaker. I have been speaking publicly to large audiences for over 20 years. Audience members frequently comment on my energy, enthusiasm and ability to make any topic fun. Through career coaching I help people grow in their current careers and find new careers that match their interests and strengths. My book about goal-based habits teaches proven tools to help people become healthier, wealthier and happier. Originally from England I am now a resident of Vermont USA. 

GOALBITS: Use goal-based habits to become healthier, wealthier and happier.

Studies have shown that habits comprise at least 50% of our daily actions. Research has shown that people who write their goals down have an 80% chance of achieving them.

What do these statistics tell us? If you combined goals and habits you’d be able to achieve your goals without really thinking about it. This is where goalbits come in. A goalbit is a goal based habit.

Goalbits work because they break larger goals into smaller bits that you do every day. Its really that simple. Bite-size chunks of your goal done day after day after day. This ebook will tell you how to develop goalbits for yourself. 

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Barney offers career coaching to people wanting to grow in their current career or find a new career that better matches their interests and strengths.

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Barney is available to give the following talks:
  • "How to be happy."
  • "Maintaining a positive attitude."
  • "Goal-based habits."
  • "Good walk."

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Be ha
ppy. Go for a good walk. A good walk is a simple idea that anyone can follow to help cultivate happiness in their life.

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