5MX is a routine of 5 Mindful eXercises. It was inspired by the Canadian Airforces 5BX exercise program in the 1960s. Instead of focusing on cardio 5MX involves gentle stretching exercises and mindfulness. I created the 5MX because I wanted something simple that I could do which would give me the benefits of yoga, tai chi and meditation but I could learn and do anywhere without going to a class. The exercises in 5MX combine physical movement and mindfulness. They help you be aware of your body and help with concentration. Mindfulness has been shown to measurably improve ones mental wellbeing.


1. Stand up straight, feet in a slight V and hands by side with palms facing forward. Close your eyes and slowly breath in through your nose paying attention to the sensation of the air entering your body. Then slowly breath out through your mouth paying attention to the air leaving your body. Maintain a very upright posture with a straight back as you are doing this exercise. Concentrate on your posture and the sensation of breathing. Repeat this 10 times. Improved body posture can increase ones self confidence. Concentrating on your breathing is a form of meditation.


2. Standing up straight start with your arms by your side. Breath in slowly and reach your arms up high. Then breath out slowly and lower your arms to your side. Repeat 10 times. Pay attention to how your arms feel as you raise and lower them. This is a great stretch to loosen you up after sleeping all night or sitting in a chair for an extended period of time at work.


3. Standing up straight slowly breath in and reach down to touch the ground with your hands. Breath slowly out and stand up again. Repeat 5 times. As you as doing this exercise pay attention to how your back and legs feel are you are bending.This is great for loosening your back.


4. Stand on one leg. Breath in slowly and lower down, bending your knee and keeping back straight. Breath out slowly and rise up again. Repeat 5 times. Do same thing on other leg. As you are doing this exercise pay attention to how your legs and feet on the ground feels as you are going up and down. This is great for balance and strengthening your legs.


5. Breath in and slowly stand on tip toes. Breath out and slowly lower down again. Repeat 5 times. As you are doing this exercise pay attention to how your tip toes feel. This is great for the calf muscles which are known as the heart of the lower body.

I do the 5MX routine every morning when I get up but they are great to do any point during the day. During your lunch break at work is another great time to do them as is right after you get home from work. I recommend doing them at the same time each day to help make them a habit however.