Barney is available to give the following talks.

"How to be happy."

Did you know that happy people are 12% more productive than the average person and can live up to 9 years longer. Researchers at the University of Washington found that 50% of a persons happiness comes from their actions. In this talk I explain the benefits of happiness and share scientifically proven ways that anyone can use to cultivate happiness.

"Maintaining a positive attitude."

A Professor at the University of North Carolina found that a positive attitude helps produce the feelings of joy, amusement, happiness, serenity, gratitude and inspiration. In this talk I explain what attitude is, the importance of positive attitude and share practical advise on how you can maintain a positive attitude.

"Goal-based habits."

Research has shown than up to 50% of a persons daily actions are habit. A study at Harvard and Yale found that the 3% of grads who set goals earned more than the other 97% combined. In this talk I explain how you can use goal based habits to make sustainable changes in your life. I’ll explain how to create habits, how to set goals and how to persist.

“Good walk.”

This walkshop is good for teams or groups and starts with 10 min talk explaining how a ‘good walk’ works and concludes with a 20 min group ‘good walk’ activity. I detail 3 scientifically proven benefits to being happy and then move on to the 9 separate studies that prove a ‘good walk’ can help cultivate happiness. Finally I will share some questions based on ‘appreciate inquiry to encourage good talk.

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