My passion is public speaking and I offer motivational speeches that will inspire the audience.

"How to maintain a positive attitude"

In this speech I explain what attitude is, why it is important and what you can do every day to maintain a positive attitude yourself. This is my most popular speech.

"The importance of communication in the workplace."

In this speech how your communication skills can get you hired, promoted or fired.

"What do you think."

In this speech I explain the power of your thoughts and how you can change them and ultimately change your future.


Based on the book "DONE" I explain my simple method to help you achieve your goals. DONE is a simple, step by step approach that anyone can follow to achieve their personal goals. I talk about how to write goals and how to take action so you achieve them.


"Barney is very engaging speaker."

"Entertaining and enthusiastic."

"I really enjoyed your presentation."

You can hear my samples of my speeches about positive attitude, goalbits and good daisys on Archive.org.

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