“Communication – the most important skill in the workplace” is based on more than 20 years of practical workplace experience. This ebook is based on a talk I give to college students titled “Communication is the most important class you will take.” The talk has grown over the years to the point where there is almost too much information to share in one session. I decided to write this book so the students I give the talk to have a reference to go back to afterwards.

The ideas and tips shared in this ebook come from real world experiences. They come from things I have seen people do really well from a communication perspective that have got them hired and promoted. The tips and ideas also come from mistakes I have seen people make that have cost them jobs.

Even if you haven’t heard my talk, if you are interested in getting hired, promoted and not fired, there is probably something in here for you. I truly believe that communication is the most important skill in the workplace. Your communication skills really will get you hired. They will get you promoted. They could also get you fired.

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