You are what you repeat

“You are what you repeat.”

Take a look at yourself. Why are you fat? Why are you fit? Why are you rich? Why are you an expert in your field? Why are you happy with your life?

However you answered those questions, the answer is the same - it’s because of what you have repeatedly done. Everything of any takes time to happen. Nothing of consequence happens over night.

If you repeatedly work towards something you will eventually achieve it. Conversely if you never work towards something you will never achieve it.

If you repeatedly treat people well you will be treated well by people too. Conversely if you treat people badly you will be treated badly too.

If you repeatedly exercise you will become fit. Conversely, if you never exercise you won’t become fit.

If you repeatedly practice positive self-talk you will be happy and confident. Conversely, if you always talk badly to yourself you will be unhappy and unconfident.

My point is this - you are what you repeat. Whatever you are repeatedly doing you will eventually become. Take a minute to think about what you do every day. Now, the big question is do you want to become what you are currently repeatedly doing?

If you want to change what you repeatedly do you need to change your habits. There is a simple way to create habits using just sticky notes and a pen called “Sticky Habits.” You can learn more about Sticky Habits at

The concept of you are what you repeat is universal. It works as effectively for “good” things as it does for “bad” things. It doesn’t know what it “good” and what is “bad.” Whatever you repeatedly do will multiply over time to become the end result. You are the only person who truly has the power to change what you repeatedly do so you are the only person who is truly responsible for what you eventually become.

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