Todo.txt is a simple productivity tool to manage all your tasks. It is closest in philosophy to Zenhabits Zen To Done. It is based on several existing "systems" but designed to be a simple as possible. The issue with some of the other systems is they can be so complex to implement that you get bogged down with the system and it takes away from your time to actually get things done. Todo.txt incorporates basic productivity principles and then gets out of your way. It gets its name from plain text files which are the simplest file format on a computer.

How to todo.txt.


1. Create a new .txt, .rtf or .doc file on your computer called "todo.txt."

2. Enter 2 headings in your "todo.txt" file: "DO 1ST" and "TODO."


3. At the end of every day collect all the new tasks you have accumulated throughout the day and put them in your todo.txt file. We all get given tasks in multiple ways throughout the day, emails, phone calls, voicemails, meetings, CRMs, conversations in the hallway. The idea here is that you have one central place to keep everything that you have to do. It is much easier to properly prioritize when everything is in one place. File these tasks under the "TODO" heading. Incidentally, if you are given a task throughout the day that will take less than 5 minutes, just do it there and then. You should also split larger tasks in to chunks that can be done in 30 minutes or less.

4. At the start of each day go through everything under the "TODO" heading and pick 3 items to move to "DO 1ST." Pick no more than 3 items and make them the very first thing you do in the day. Picking 3 items to do first helps you prioritize. It also helps you not become overwhelmed because all you have to concentrate on are those 3 items.

That's it!

Sample todo.txt



Write new server messaging

Request network switch quotes

Schedule meeting with COO


Write quarterly goals

Produce monthly metrics

Spec new computers

* Get requirements

* Find 2 options

Write accounting script

Its really that simple. Try it for a month and see the difference.

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