It is quite common to get to the end of the work week and hear people in the office say “Thank Goodness It’s Friday.” It’s also quite common to hear people at the start of the week complain about having a case of the “Monday’s.”

We spend about 65% of our waking hours every week at work. A lot of people also seem to want to wish those hours away as quickly as possible. If you were to ask those people if they wanted to cut their lifetime by a third, I’d bet the answer would be no. By “hating” Monday through Thursday and wishing it was Friday already that’s exactly what they are doing.

My challenge to you is instead of saying “TGIF” once a week, start saying “TGIT” (Thank Goodness It’s Today” every day. Here are 3 tips to help you with this challenge.

1. Choose to have a good day.

We have a saying in our house “every day is a whole new day, a whole fresh start, and you can choose to have a good day.” Make a conscious decision when you wake up that you are going to have a good day. You see what you look for, so by making the decision to have a good day you will focus on the “good” things that happen over the “bad” things - thus ensuring that you have a good day! Before you get out of bed in the morning decide that you are going to have a good day.

2. Start the day right.

However your day starts off will set the tone for the rest of the day. So, make sure your day starts right. Go to bed early and get a good nights sleep. Make your lunch the night before. Get your clothes out the night before. Have a good breakfast. Get 15 minutes of exercise in before work (it gets those happy endorphins flowing.) Avoid TV news, it’s 90% negative and will make you unhappy. Read something inspirational. Listen to some great music.

3. Be grateful.

Gratitude has been proven in multiple studies to have the single biggest effect on happiness. There is an old saying “if you count your assets you will always show a profit.” Get in to the habit of being grateful. Share one thing you are grateful for around the dinner table. Record something you are grateful for in your diary. Keep an ongoing document on your computer with one thing you are grateful for. Post something you are grateful for on social media.

Banish “TGIF” from your vocabulary and adopt “TGIT” instead and I guarantee you will be happier or your money back!!

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