There was a video that went viral this week of an American skier who fell near the end of the race course and then proceeded to hike up and ski down and take the gates he missed. It was an amazing sporting spectacle. If you haven't seen the video you can find it here:

What this skier demonstrated is "grit." The idea of grit and its link to success was popularized in a Ted Talk by Angela Lee Duckworth. Here is the talk: Angela conducted research at West Point Military Academy, schools, private companies to see what made some people succeed and others not. She concluded that one characteristic was more indicative of success than the rest - and that was grit: having passion and perseverance for long term goals.

We are in the process of setting 2017 goals for the team. If you are going to meet (or even beat) your goals you too are going to need some grit. Here are some proven ways you can develop grit.

1. Get excited. Get excited about the goal. Find something about the goal that really gets you going. If your goal is to deploy 2 new computers a month you could focus on the how it makes the team member happy or you could focus on reducing the new computer transfer time every time you do it. Whatever inspires you. No matter what the goal you should be able to find something in it that gets you excited. Getting excited about your goal aligns quite nicely with our team value of "Having Fun" too.

2. Practice grit. Research has shown that with practice anyone can develop grit. If you feel like giving up - practice persevering! Colonel Sanders had to persevere for 10 years to perfect the KFC recipe. When the going gets tough, ask yourself: WWDC? What Would Colonel Do? The good news is you have a whole year to practice grit. This fits in with our team value of "Excellence" quite well. Excellence doesn't just happen, it takes practice and it takes grit.

3. Have hope. This isn't just wishing things will go well, you need an active hope. You must believe things will improve because you're going to improve them. Persevere because you know you can and will make a difference. A lot of thought is put in to creating goals that will help grow you, the team and our company. Meeting your goals does make a difference! This is our team value of accountability. Take ownership of your goal.