Good Walk

Good Walk

One of the simplest ways to be happy is to just go for a ‘good walk’. A ‘good walk’ is as easy as going outside for a walk and talking about good things with a friend. The link between a ‘good walk’ and happiness is even based on scientific studies!

Getting outside gives you fresh air, sunshine and exercise - all proven to make people happier. The University of Sussex discovered that spending just 20 minutes outside in good weather contributes to a persons good mood. Research published in the Journal of Health Psychology also showed that exercising for just 7 minutes a day makes people more relaxed and makes them feel better about themselves.

Taking a ‘good walk’ with someone else will also help you be happier. A Harvard professor found that people who had good relationships with family and friends, and felt cared for, lived longer and were happier. Going a good walk with someone else is a great way to cultivate friendship.

Talking about good things is also proven to help with happiness. Research at Michigan State University found that people who cultivated positive thoughts by focusing on good things and smiling were more engaged in their work and had better moods. Talking about good things with someone else is a great way to cultivate these thoughts. The Journal of Happiness discovered that subjects who expressed gratitude over a 3 week period had increased happiness and life satisfaction and decreased depressive symptoms. When you go on your ‘good walk’ try answering these 3 questions. "What is the best thing that has happened in the last day?" "What are you grateful for"? "What are you excited about in the next week?"

Commit to going for a ‘good walk' every day for the next week and see how it makes you happier. If the weather isn’t conducive to walking outside one day, then walk inside with someone and talk about good things. If your schedule doesn’t align with a friends then go for a walk by yourself and think good thoughts to yourself. Find a way to take a ‘good walk’ every day.

Going for a good walk can help tremendously with having a good daisy!

Download one of the free posters as a good reminder about good walks.