My personal 3 rules for life

We all have “rules" we follow. Many of the rules are formal, they are the law of the land. However most of us have a set of our own informal rules that we apply to life. Some were handed down to us by our parents, some of the rules we made up on our own.

Me myself, I have 3 rules.

Think can. My first rule is based on the concept “you can if you think you can." So I always think I can - and more often than not I am successful.

See good. My second rule is founded on the principle “we see what we look for." So I always choose to look for, and to see, the good in both people and situations. And I am happier for it.

Be kind. My third rule is based on the idea that “everything we do will eventually come back to us." I want to be treated with kindness so I treat others with kindness

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