If you know me in real life you have probably heard me mention that I like cookies. I'll let you in to a secret - it's not about the cookies. Cookies are my fish. Allow me to explain.

There is an unusual plaice in Seattle called “Pikes Place Fish market." Its not the fish they sell that are particularly unusual, its the people who work there who make it unusual. They are always having fun, they are always having a good day. Its so unusual that someone even wrote a book about Pikes Place and boiled down what the people who work there do in to 4 simple concepts. The book is called "The FISH philosophy." The concepts in the book can be used to provide excellent customer service, it can be used to create great team morale and it can be used to ensure you have a good daisy. The whole Fish Philosophy really resonated with me.

The 4 concepts in FISH are:

Be there. Whenever you are interacting with someone else give them your full and undivided attention.

Play. Make your work fun. You can get a lot done and enjoy yourself at the same time.

Make their day. Do good, feel good. Do good deeds for people. Add little thoughtful touches.

Choose your attitude. Choose to have a good day. Choose to approach everything with a good attitude.

So, now you know my secret! Cookies are my fish! I do like cookies, but they really are more of a tool. My "obsession" with cookies is really much more than just about cookies. It's about having fun at work, it's about choosing a positive attitude, it's about doing good things for people.

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