Should I take the job?

Congratulations! You successfully made it through the interview process and the company has just made you an offer. Sometimes you "just know" it's the right decision to accept the offer - in which case, go ahead and do that. What if you are slightly conflicted?

The first thing to know, is you can never be 100% sure a job is the "right" one for you. Some parts of the decision are measurable, for example pay and time off. Other parts however aren't, for example company culture and how much you enjoy the work. There have been studies in to why people leave jobs however and you can use this to help you guide your decision. The form below lets you rate each of the areas that often cause people to leave a job. Complete this form comparing your current job ("JOB #1") and your job offer (JOB #2), or multiple job offers if that is the situation you are in.

For each statement enter a rating of 1 - 4.

1 = Highly disagree.
2 = Disagree.
3 = Agree.
4 = Highly agree.

 I will enjoy the work.  
 The pay is fair.   
 The benefits are good.   
 The manager would be good to work for.   
 I liked the team.   
 I would grow in this role.   
 I am happy with the commute.   

Then add up the totals. The job with the higher total is the one that on paper would seem to be the better choice. There is one thing that trumps this rating however - your "gut." Your sub-conscious is able to provide clues that your conscious might not be able to articulate. So, if your "gut" tells you to take a job, or not take a job, that is probably the right decision for you.