Bullet Journal


A Bullet Journal (“BuJo” for short) is a versatile tool that can be used as a todo list, a diary, a planner and much more. It is a quick and dirty way to capture information and is not intended for consumption by anyone other than the author. It should only take a couple of minutes a day to complete. The idea of Bullet Journalling is supported by mental health professionals too. They have been described as a toothbrush for the mind. Bullet Journals can also be personalized.

I use my Bullet Journal to track:

  • Intentions.

  • Goals.

  • Gratitudes.

To keep it quick and easy I use shortcuts to designate each category. @ is for intentions, ! is for affirmations and + is gratitude.


Intentions (@)

I use this bullet to set my implementation intention for the day. “When… then…” This can be my current habit or it can be deciding ahead of time how I want to behave in a given situation. People who set implementation intentions are 2 - 3 times more likely to follow through.

Goals (!) 

I use this bullet to write down what my goal is. What would make today good? What is my long term goal? What do I want to focus on? People who write down their goals are 42% more likely to achieve them. 

Gratitudes (+)

I use this bullet to note one thing I am grateful for each day. It must be different every day. If possible also write why you are grateful. People who practice gratitude on a daily basis have been shown to be measurably more happy.



@ When I finish lunch then I will go for a walk.

! Today will be good if I write a new blog post 

+ I am grateful we have the means to buy good food.


@ When I finish lunch then I go for a walk.

! Today will be good if I read 5 pages of my book

+ I am grateful Luke can talk to Cyrus.