You are what you repeat.

If you were to ask me to boil down everything I have learned about personal development, personal achievement and success in to one sentence, I would say this: "you are what you repeat."

Research has shown that 45% of a persons daily actions are habits. If you want to predict someones future - just look at their habits. Look at what behaviors they repeat. If you want to get fit you need go to the gym more than just once. If you want to write a book you need to sit down and write more than once. If you want to pass an exam you need to study more than once. You are what you repeat. If you repeatedly go to the gym you be become fit. If you repeatedly sit down and write you will become an author. If you repeatedly study you will pass the exam. Habits don't care if they are "good" or "bad." Whichever habits you repeat will end up shaping your future - so make sure you develop "good" habits that take you places you want to go. You will become the result of your habits. To learn more about how to develop habits read my free ebook "Sticky Habits."

The more you hear something the more you believe it to be true. If you repeatedly tell yourself you hate meeting new people - you will start to believe it and it will eventually become true. if you repeatedly tell yourself you are bad at parking - you will start to believe it and eventually it will become true. This is self talk. The more times you repeat something to yourself the more you will believe it and over time it will shape your behavior. Here's the thing - self talk doesn't care if it is harmful or helpful. If you want to develop good behaviors - consciously develop good self talk. if you want to be confident at doing something - tell yourself you are good at it instead of telling yourself you are terrible. Good self talk won't make things magically happen, it will however change your behaviors so you can make things happen.

To put a concise twist on an old saying: "Words become actions. Actions become habits. Habits become results." Whatever you repeat will end up coming to fruition