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Self coaching

Self coaching

The idea of "Coaching" has been around since the dawn of time. Historically village elders or religious leaders provided these services. More recently coaching has become a recognized profession. The philosophy behind coaching is that people have the answers within them, they just need help drawing them out. Trained Coaches do this by using a combination active listening and powerful questions. Coaches are tremendously useful in helping people find solutions to challenges so they can reach their goal. But what if you don't have a coach you can talk to?

Self coaching is a great way to come up with your own solutions by answering a structured series of questions.

What is the current situation?
The first question is to define the current state. Be as factual as possible when describing this and avoid explaining why you think you are in this situation at the moment. Answer this question as if you were telling someone who doesn't know anything about the situation.

What do you want to happen?
What would you like to happen? Focus on what you want versus what you don't want. What would the ideal outcome be for you?

What is the challenge?
What is stopping you achieve the outcome you want?

Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?
Ask yourself why this challenge is preventing you from reaching your outcome five times to get to the real issue.

What are three things you could do to over come this challenge?
List three potential solutions that could overcome this challenge. What would the wisest person you know suggest you do? Avoid putting self-imposed limits on these ideas.

What will you do?
Pick one of the potential solutions and go try it!

Next time you have a challenge to overcome and you can't talk it through with a coach, try self-coaching.