Day and night

Over the years I have written quite lot about happiness and the power of positive thinking. I truly believe happiness is a good thing. (There is even some science that suggests it is too!)  From time to time people will ask me "can you always be happy?" The answer, I believe, is no, you can’t always be happy (and its probably not healthy to be happy all the time either.) However, I equally think you probably shouldn’t always be sad all the time either.

I have a theory that when it comes to happiness, life is like day and night. There will be times when it is light and there will be times when it is dark. This is unavoidable.

You can however control how long it is dark for. Happiness (and sadness) can be a choice. You can use a candle to take away some of the darkness at night. You can open the curtains to let the light in at day break. You can look for the small glimmers of light shining in around you.

The point is this, you have some control over how long it will be dark for and you can choose to let the light in when it appears. So if you are going through dark times, know that it wont be this way forever and light will shine on you soon. Also know that you have the power to light a candle or open the curtains.

Start practicing gratitude. Go for a walk. Talk to a friend. Do something to bring light to your dark.